Having worked for 10 years in hypergrowth startups I was at the heart of performance

It’s where I designed unique solutions to transform the customer experience based on a very simple observation. The most effective digital teams all have one thing in common: the power to engage.

Introducing the new generation of customer service

Today, most operating customer service teams are exhausted. They want to change teams. And customers. Yet, in truth, their teams are perfect, and so are their customers. What they need, and what will change everything, is autonomy.

Engaged Teams

We won’t conduct more customer studies. We will focus on your teams first, because they are the ones who will change everything. As I always say, you don’t change people; you change processes. We will review processes to relieve teams of valueless tasks and give them more interesting things that motivate them. For your teams to be more efficient, they must be their own engine. And there, you’ve won everything.

And the secret is, it’s the same for your customers. The most satisfied customer? The one who never had to call.

Autonomous Customers

The best way to reduce calls is to eliminate problems before they occur. How? By making them more autonomous. The more autonomous your customers are, the more time they free up for you. I help you give them the greatest gift a brand can give its customers, right after great products: streamlined order paths and mailings that anticipate questions. The key? Proactivity.

Audit, Strategy, Empathy

Behind the sexiest customer services always lies the same thing: a real strategy. Aretency bases its strategy on field data and elevates it through empathy.

The team? It's me,
Federica Radaelli

By my side, partners who are experts in digital, e-commerce, and education, who join me on projects when needed. I surround myself with people who, like me, understand the power of leaner, more flexible, and more autonomous teams. This solves 99% of customer service problems*.

* For the remaining 1%, a good plate of pasta usually solves everything.

Federica Radaelli

Without joy, what boredom

Human, human, human. I’ve managed dozens of teams with this signature, almost becoming innate. It’s the first thing to implement to inspire change, and it’s a true skill. The skill of thriving collaborations, respecting others and oneself.

My Clients

Such cool companies and wonderful collaborations that I would have loved to stay, but I still have so much to share.


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Strategy - Training

Want to make
things move forward?
So do I.

Together, we’ll shape five-star customer experiences.

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